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Released: October 24, 1993

Rating: 3.233 (average of 9 ratings)

Genre: rock

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Album Tracks:

  1. Buddha of Suburbia [4:29]
  2. Sex and the Church [6:23]
  3. South Horizon [5:24]
  4. The Mysteries [7:11]
  5. Bleed Like a Craze, Dad [5:23]
  6. Strangers When We Meet [4:58]
  7. Dead Against It [5:47]
  8. Untitled No. 1 [5:02]
  9. Ian Fish, U.K. Heir [6:29]
  10. Buddha of Suburbia (Bowie/Lenny Kravitz/Erdal Kizilcay) [4:20]
Songs written by David Bowie and Erdal Kizilcay unless indicated otherwise.


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  • Buddha of Suburbia (12/4/93) #35 UK

Notes: This soundtrack to a British TV miniseries didn’t see release in the United States until 1995. There is also another album cover featuring Bowie sitting on a cot.

Buddha of Suburbia
David Bowie
“It was probably David Bowie's record-company affiliation difficulties that kept the 1993 Buddha of Suburbia soundtrack to a British TV miniseries from being released in the U.S. until 1995, when it was slipped out in the wake of his new album, Outside. That's too bad, because The Buddha of Suburbia is an often engaging collection of songs and instrumental passages that recalls many previous Bowie albums, including such disparate efforts as The Man Who Sold the World, Aladdin Sane, and Low. It's not a major effort by any means, but in another context songs like Strangers When We Meet easily could become Bowie favorites” (Ruhlmann).

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