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Released: Jan. 23, 1976

Rating: 4.538 (average of 19 ratings)

Genre: glam rock

Quotable: “Enormously influential on post-punk.” – Stephen Thomas Erlewine, All Music Guide

Album Tracks:

  1. Station to Station [10:11]
  2. Golden Years [4:00]
  3. Word on a Wing [5:50]
  4. TVC 15 [5:31]
  5. Stay [6:13]
  6. Wild Is the Wind (Tiomkin/ Washington) [6:00]
Songs written by David Bowie unless indicated otherwise.

Total Running Time: 37:45

Sales (in millions):

sales in U.S. only 0.5
sales in U.K. only - estimated --
sales in all of Europe as determined by IFPI – click here to go to their site. --
sales worldwide - estimated 3.5


peak on U.S. Billboard album chart 3
peak on U.K. album chart 5

Singles/Hit Songs: *

  • Golden Years (11/17/75) #10 US, #8 UK
  • TVC 15 (4/30/76) #64 US, #33 UK
  • Wild Is the Wind (11/19/81) #24 UK

Notes: The 1990 Rykodisc reissue adds live versions of “Word on a Wing” and “Stay.” A 2010 reissue expanded the collection to a 3-CD special edition and 5-disc CD/DVD set.


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Station to Station
David Bowie
“After the success of the dance hits ‘Fame’ and ‘Young Americans’ (both off 1975’s Young Americans), Bowie seemed to step back, ponder the future of rock, and then turn up the guitars and the art-rock sensibilities and make a completely engaging and evocative album.” LF

“Taking the detached plastic soul of Young Americans to an elegant, robotic extreme, Station to Station is a transitional album that creates its own distinctive style. Abandoning any pretense of being a soulman, yet keeping rhythmic elements of soul, David Bowie positions himself as a cold, clinical crooner and explores a variety of styles.” STE “Everything from epic ballads and disco to synthesized avant pop is present on Station to Station, but what ties it together is Bowie’s cocaine-induced paranoia and detached musical persona.” STE

“At its heart, Station to Station is an avant-garde art-rock album, most explicitly on” STE “the epic sprawl of the title trackSTE, a song which finds Bowie “introducing the Thin White Duke character and building into an incendiary rocker,” STE and “the playful TVC 15 [which] takes the listener on a bumpy ride into unholy tech-love.” LF

Still, “the soul of David Bowie is pretty much meshed into every track.” LF There’s “the irresistible Golden Years (another dance hit)” LF complete with “disco stylings” STE as well as the “physically wrenching and funk-drenched Stay.” LF

There’s also the “the cool crooning of Wild Is the Wind and Word on a Wing…It's not an easy album to warm to, but its epic structure and clinical sound were an impressive, individualistic achievement, as well as a style that would prove enormously influential on post-punk.” STE and the gorgeous "Wild is the Wind" and "Word on a Wing" have Bowie stepping out of his rocker persona and into sensual crooner mode. Strong from beginning to end.” LF

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