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* live recording *

Recorded: 1994
Released: November 8, 1994

Rating: 3.513 (average of 13 ratings)

Genre: California classic-rock

Quotable: --

Album Tracks:

  1. Get Over It *
  2. Love Will Keep Us Alive *
  3. The Girl from Yesterday *
  4. Learn to Be Still *
  5. Tequila Sunrise
  6. Hotel California
  7. Wasted Time
  8. Pretty Maids All in a Row
  9. I Can’t Tell You Why
  10. New York Minute
  11. The Last Resort
  12. Take It Easy
  13. In the City
  14. Life in the Fast Lane
  15. Desperado
* See Notes.

Total Running Time: 72:36


sales in U.S. only 8 million
sales in U.K. only - estimated 100,000
sales in all of Europe as determined by IFPI – click here to go to their site. --
sales worldwide - estimated 11.5 million


peak on U.S. Billboard album chart 1 2
peak on U.K. album chart 28

Singles/Hit Songs: *

  • Take It Easy (6/3/72) #12 US, #12 AC
  • Tequila Sunrise (6/23/73) #64 US, #26 AC
  • Hotel California (2/26/77) #1 US, #8 UK, #10 AC. Gold single.
  • Life in the Fast Lane (5/14/77) #11 US
  • I Can’t Tell You Why (2/23/80) #8 US, #3 AC
  • New York Minute (11/3/90) #48 US, #24 AR, #5 AC
  • Get Over It (10/22/94) #31 US, #4 AR, #21 AC
  • The Girl from Yesterday (11/12/94) #58 CW
  • Love Will Keep Us Alive (12/17/94) #22a US, #52 UK, #1 AC
  • Learn to Be Still (1/21/95) #61a US, #33 AR, #15 AC
* See Notes.

Notes: Chart figures are for the original studio versions of the songs. With the exceptions of the first four songs on the album (see track listing), all of this album was live. In addition, “New York Minute” was first recorded by Don Henley on his End of the Innocence solo album.


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Hell Freezes Over
“The Eagles’ first newly recorded album in 14 years gets off to a good start with the rocker Get Over It, a timely piece of advice about accepting responsibility, followed by the tender ballad Love Will Keep Us Alive, the country-styled The Girl from Yesterday, and Learn to Be Still, one of Don Henley's more thoughtful statements” (Ruhlmann).

“Unfortunately, that’s it. Hell Freezes Over contains an EP’s worth of new material followed by a live album. The Eagles, known for meticulously recreating their studio recordings in concert, nevertheless released Eagles Live in 1980. Six songs from that set reappear here, and only one is in a noticeably different arrangement, Hotel California, which gets an acoustic treatment” (Ruhlmann).

“As was true on Eagles Live, the group remains most interested in their later material, redoing five songs from the Hotel California LP and two from its follow-up, The Long Run, but finding space for only three songs from their early days, Tequila Sunrise, Take It Easy, and Desperado, the last two of which were also on Eagles Live” (Ruhlmann).

“As such, Hell Freezes Over is hard to justify as anything other than a souvenir for the Eagles’ reunion tour. That, however, did not keep it from topping the charts and selling in the millions” (Ruhlmann).

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