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* live recording *

Recorded: 10/76 and 7/80

Released: November 7, 1980

Rating: 3.100 (average of 10 ratings)

Genre: California classic-rock

Quotable: “the most heavily overdubbed [live album] in history” - Rolling Stone Record Guide (1983)

Album Tracks:

  1. Hotel California
  2. Heartache Tonight
  3. I Can’t Tell You Why
  4. The Long Run
  5. New Kid in Town
  6. Life’s Been Good
  7. Seven Bridges Road
  8. Wasted Time
  9. Take It to the Limit
  10. Doolin’-Dalton (Reprise II)
  11. Desperado
  12. Saturday Night
  13. All Night Long
  14. Life in the Fast Lane
  15. Take It Easy


sales in U.S. only 7 million
sales in U.K. only - estimated --
sales in all of Europe as determined by IFPI – click here to go to their site. --
sales worldwide - estimated 7 million


peak on U.S. Billboard album chart 6
peak on U.K. album chart 24

Singles/Hit Songs: *

  • Take It Easy (6/3/72) #12 US, #12 AC
  • Take It to the Limit (12/20/75) #4 US, #12 UK, #4 AC
  • New Kid in Town (12/18/76) #1 US, #20 UK, #2 AC, #43 CW. Gold single.
  • Hotel California (2/26/77) #1 US, #8 UK, #10 AC. Gold single.
  • Life in the Fast Lane (5/14/77) #11 US
  • Life’s Been Good (6/10/78) #12 US
  • Heartache Tonight (10/6/79) #1 US, #40 UK, #38 AC. Gold single.
  • The Long Run (12/1/79) #8 US, #66 UK, #34 AC
  • I Can’t Tell You Why (2/23/80) #8 US, #3 AC
  • All Night Long (5/17/80) #19 US
  • Seven Bridges Road (12/20/80) #21 US, #17 AC, #55 CW

Notes: * Except for “Seven Bridges Road,” chart figures are for the original studio versions of the songs. Also, “Life’s Been Good” and “All Night Long” were originally Joe Walsh solo songs and never recorded on any Eagles studio albums.

Eagles Live
Eagles Live is the first live album by the…Eagles, a two-LP set released in 1980. The Eagles broke up on July 31, 1980 after their concert at Long Beach. However, the band still owed Warners a live record from the tour. Eagles Live (released that November) was mixed by Glenn Frey and Don Henley on opposite coasts – the two decided they couldn’t bear to be in the same state, let alone the same studio, and as Bill Szymczyk put it, the record’s perfect three-part harmonies were fixed ‘courtesy of Federal Express.’ The 1983 Rolling Stone Record Guide said it is ‘perhaps the most heavily overdubbed [live album] in history.’ After the credits that list no fewer than five attorneys, the album's liner notes simply say, ‘Thank you and goodnight’” (

Eagles Live includes…tracks recorded in the fall of 1976 (thus allowing for the inclusion of departed singer Randy Meisner on Take It to the Limit)” (Ruhlmann). Also from 1976, according to, are New Kid in Town, Wasted Time, Doolin-Dalton (Reprise II), and Desperado.

However, “the bulk of the album comes from the end of the Eagles’ 1980 tour, just before they broke up, and it reflects their late concert repertoire, largely drawn from Hotel California and The Long Run” (Ruhlmann).

“The occasional early song such as ‘Desperado’ and Take It Easy turn up, but many of the major hits from the middle of the band's career – ‘The Best of My Love,’ ‘One of These Nights,’ ‘Lyin’ Eyes’ – are missing, replaced by such curiosities as two extended selections from Joe Walsh’s solo career, Life’s Been Good and All Night Long” (Ruhlmann).

“At least Walsh introduces some live variations to his material; the rest of the Eagles seem determined to recreate the studio versions of their songs in concert, which may work for them live but almost makes a live recording superfluous. The previously unrecorded rendition of Steve Young’s Seven Bridges Road is welcome, and the album would have benefited from more surprises as well as a livelier approach to a live recording” (Ruhlmann).

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