May 23, 2000






Album Tracks:

  1. Public Service Announcement 2000 (performed by Jeff Bass) (Bass) [0:25]
  2. Kill You (Bradford/ Mathers/ Young) [4:24]
  3. Stan (with Dido) (Armstrong/ Herman/ Mathers) [6:43]
  4. Paul (skit by Paul “Bunyan” Rosenbert) (Rosenbert) [0:10]
  5. Who Knew (Bradford/ Elizondo/ Mathers/ Young) [3:47]
  6. Steve Berman (with Steve Berman) (Mathers) [0:53]
  7. The Way I Am (Mathers) [4:44]
  8. The Real Slim Shady (Coster/ Elizondo/ Mathers/ Young) [4:50]
  9. Remember Me? (with RBX & Sticky Fingaz) (Collins/ Doctor Dre/ Eminem/ Jones) [3:38]
  10. I’m Back (Bradford/ Doctor Dre/ Mathers) [5:10]
  11. Marshall Mathers [5:20]
  12. Ken Kaniff (skit) (?) [1:01]
  13. Drug Ballad [5:00]
  14. Amityville (with Bizarre) (Bass/ Bass/ Johnson/ Mathers) [4:14]
  15. Bitch Please II (with Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, & Xzibit) (Bradford/ Broadus/ Elizondo/ Joyner/ Mathers/ Young) [4:48]
  16. Kim [6:17]
  17. Under the Influence (with D-12) (Carlisle/ Holton/ Johnson/ Mathers/ Moore/ Porter) [5:22]
  18. Criminal [5:19]

Songs by Bass/ Bass/ Mathers unless noted otherwise.

Total Running Time:


Sales (in millions):



1 8
1 2

Singles/Hit Songs:

  • The Real Slim Shady (5/6/00) #2a US, #10a RB, #19 MR, #1 UK
  • Bitch Please II (7/8/00) #51a RB
  • The Way I Am (8/5/00) #52a US, #22a RB, #8 UK
  • Stan (10/7/00) #48a US, #31a RB, #1 UK
  • Drug Ballad (3/17/01) #65a RB



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The Marshall Mathers LP



“It’s hard to know what to make of Eminem.” AMG “His debut, The Slim Shady LP, established [him] as a major force in both hip-hop and broader contemporary culture, but there was still doubt as to whether he would be the latest in a string of short-lived white rap novelties.” TL “Even if you know that half of what he says is sincere and half is a put-on; the trick is realizing that there’s truth in the joke, and vice versa. Many dismissed his considerable skills as a rapper and social satirist because the vulgarity and gross-out humor on The Slim Shady LP were too detailed for some to believe that it was anything but real.” AMG

“To Eminem’s credit, he decided to exploit that confusion on his masterful second record, The Marshall Mathers LP.” AMG “Rap’s superlative wordsmith blurs the line between autobiography and cartoons in hilarious and vulgar high-velocity rhymes.” UT It is “a fairly brilliant expansion of his debut, turning his spare, menacing hip-hop into a hyper-surreal, wittily disturbing thrill ride. It’s both funnier and darker than his debut, and Eminem’s writing is so sharp and clever that the jokes cut as deeply as the explorations of his ruptured psyche.” AMG “He lashed out at the hypocrisy of American society, exposed the prejudices that fuelled rap music, and held his constituency’s psychosis up to the light.” VUThe Marshall Mathers LP raised the stakes, raised his profile, and damn near raised the dead.” TL

The Way I Am

“Eminem delivered dizzying, blistering rhymes that laid bare his neuroses, his fury, and his confusion. He jumped from laugh-out-loud funny to chillingly menacing from one line to the next, and went after his critics (The Way I Am) and his fans (Stan, the mesmerizing high-wire act in a stalker’s voice) with equal fever.” TL


“The production is nearly as evocative as the raps, with liquid basslines, stuttering rhythms, slight sound effects, and spacious soundscapes. There may not be overpowering hooks on every track, but the album works as a whole, always drawing the listener in. But, once you’re in, Eminem doesn’t care if you understand exactly where he’s at, and he doesn’t offer any apologies if you can’t sort the fact from the fiction. As an artist, he’s supposed to create his own world, and with this terrific second effort, he certainly has. It may be a world that is as infuriating as it is intriguing, but it is without question his own, which is far more than most of his peers are able to accomplish at the dawn of a new millennium.” AMG

The Real Slim Shady

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