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Genre: neo progressive rock

Quotable: “Sometimes genius comes and goes without much notice or fanfare. Such is the case with the late Kevin Gilbert” – Perplexio blog review

Born: Kevin Matthew Gilbert

Date: November 20, 1966

Where: Scotch Plains, New Jersey

Died: May 17, 1996

Where: Eagle Rock, California

The Albums:

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NRG: No Reason Given (1984) Giraffe: The Power of Suggestion (1988) Giraffe: The View from Here (1989) Giraffe: Giraffe (compilation: 1988-89) Toy Matinee: Toy Matinee (1990) Kevin Gilbert: Toy Matinee Live (live: 1991, released 2010) Sheryl Crow: Tuesday Night Music Club (1993) The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (live: 1994) Thud (1995) Live at the Troubadour (live: 1995, released 1999) Welcome to Joytown: Thud Live at the Troubadour (live: 1995, released 2009) The Shaming of the True (rec. 1984-96, released 2000) Kaviar: Kaviar Sessions (rec. 1996, released 2002) Nuts (rec. 1984-1996, released 2009) Bolts (rec. 1984-96, released 2009)

Key Tracks:

  • Tired Old Man (N.R.G.) (1984?)
  • Walk Away (1986?)
  • Until I Get Her Back (1986?)
  • This Warm Night (GIRAFFE) (1988)
  • Imagemaker (GIRAFFE) (1988)
  • Because of You (GIRAFFE) (1988)
  • Progress (GIRAFFE) (1989)
  • The Way Back Home (GIRAFFE) (1989)
  • Last Plane Out (TOY MATINEE) (1990)
  • The Ballad of Jenny Ledge (TOY MATINEE) (1990)
  • There Was a Little Boy (TOY MATINEE) (1990)
  • Best Laid Plans (TOY MATINEE) (1992?)
  • When You Give Your Love to Me (1995)
  • Goodness Gracious (1995)
  • Joytown (1995)
  • Song for a Dead Friend (1995)
  • Certifiable #1 Smash (1996)
  • Suit Fugue (Dance of the A&R Men) (1996)
  • A Long Day’s Life (1996)

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“Sometimes genius comes and goes without much notice or fanfare. Such is the case with the late Kevin Gilbert” P, who “left behind enormous unanswered questions about his potential.” JS He was “a tortured musical and lyrical genius” (Oakley), “a musical prodigy” JS who “colleagues invariably called…‘the most talented musician I ever met.’” JS

Kevin “Gilbert was a moderately important figure in Californian rock music in the 1980’s and 1990’s.” DN “He was an accomplished instrumentalist and composer, who played keyboards, guitars, drums, bass and cellos, as well as singing vocals. His talents also extended to producer.” WK He “spent several years on the edge of stardom [but] could never capitalize on his talents.” DE ” He “might be the most talented American musician to be involved with progressive rock, with the possible exception of Frank Zappa. Although all of his work contains a very strong pop element, there’s usually a lot of prog underneath it.” DN

NRG/Giraffe (1984-89): In the mid-‘80s, while still in high school, Gilbert released his first album, No Reasons Given, with the group NRG. In the late ‘80s, he spent a year as a film student at UCLA and took a gig as Eddie Money’s touring keyboardist before launching the group Giraffe. Between the release of their two albums, the band entered and won a national unsigned-bands competition.

Toy Matinee (1989-91): In the competition, Gilbert caught the attention of Patrick Leonard, a producer who had worked with Madonna and others. Leonard suggested a collaboration and the group Toy Matinee was born. “The lone Toy Matinee album was released in 1990 but effectively shelved by the record company.” WK “Gilbert assembled a new backing band [including an unknown Sheryl Crow as his keyboardist] to promote the album, eventually getting two [moderately] successful singles released: The Ballad of Jenny Ledge and Last Plane Out.” WK

Session Work: “During this time, Gilbert worked on the projects of several established pop musicians, including Madonna, Michael Jackson and produced Keith Emerson’s album Changing States.” WK Throughout the ‘90s, Gilbert worked as “a producer, film scorer, and session musician.” DN

Tuesday Night Music Club (1992-95): In 1992, Gilbert and producer Bill Bottrell, who’d helmed the Toy Matinee project, assembled a loose collective of musicians dubbed the Tuesday Night Music Club. They gathered weekly at Bottrell’s studio to hang out and make music. Gilbert brought Crow, with whom he’d struck up a relationship, and the gang carved out what would become her multi-platinum selling debut named after the crew. Gilbert had co-writing credit on many of the the song’s albums, including 1995 Grammy Record of the Year All I Wanna Do. “Crow later acrimoniously split with most of the musicians in the collective…[The rest of the TNMC’ers] worked with singer-songwriters Susanna Hoffs and Linda Perry on two more albums.” WK

Thud/Tribute Work (1994-96): Gilbert worked tirelessly to open his own studio and, in 1995, released a solo album called Thud. He also contributed songs to tribute albums of some of his favorite progressive rock artists as well – Genesis, Yes, and Gentle Giant. In 1994, Gilbert even performed Genesis’ rock-opera masterpiece The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway with a newly assembled version of Giraffe. Gilbert’s manager, Jon Rubin, “sent a copy of the recording to Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford who were searching for a new Genesis front man to replace Phil Collins.” WK Gilbert was supposedly set “to fly to London to audition for [the] vacated slot as Genesis’ lead singer” DE when tragedy struck.

Kevin’s Death (1996): On May 17, 1996, Rubin found Gilbert dead at his home just outside of Los Angeles. KG was wearing only a black skirt and black hood over his head, which was “slumped against a leather strap chained to the headboard of the king-size bed in the sparsely furnished living room.” JS “The coroner listed the cause of death as ‘asphyxia due to partial suspension hanging.’ Friends and MTV more explicitly reported the cause as autoerotic asphyxiation” MA caused when people go a “step too far in depriving their brains of oxygen while they reach orgasm.” JS The Los Angeles County coroners’ office reports four or five such deaths a year.

One can only imagine the possibilities of what Kevin Gilbert could have continued to contribute to the music world. Rubin, who once fronted ’70s pop band the Rubinoos and is now the executor of Gilbert’s estate, says, KG’s “death was tragic, but his life was not a tragedy.” RS As friend Tim Van Den Berg said, “I would like to believe that he is now blessing another world with his beautiful music.” TV

Posthumous Releases (2000-2009): At the time of his death, KG was working on a second solo album, the rock opera The Shaming of the True. It “was largely incomplete, but Gilbert’s estate asked Spock’s Beard drummer Nick D’Virgilio to complete it based on the extant tapes and Gilbert’s notes. A live album (composed mostly of songs from Thud), and a compilation of Giraffe material that Gilbert had been working on and an ‘industrial’ album with Gilbert’s latest group, Kaviar have also been released in the years since his death.” WK

The next seven years saw no activity, but then 2009 saw the release of three archival projects simultaneously – the CD/DVD rerelease of Live at the Troubadour, now called Welcome to Joytown: Thud Live at the Troubadour, and the archival collections Nuts and Bolts collecting previously unreleased works from throughout Gilbert’s career.

In 2010, Kevin Gilbert’s widely bootlegged 1991 Live at the Roxy was officially released as Toy Matinee Live.

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