February 14, 1985






Album Tracks:

  1. You Give Good Love
  2. Thinking about You
  3. Someone for Me
  4. Saving All My Love for You
  5. Nobody Loves Me Like You Do
  6. How Will I Know
  7. All at Once
  8. Take Good Care of My Heart
  9. Greatest Love of All
  10. Hold Me (with Teddy Pendergrass)

Sales (in millions):



1 14

Singles/Hit Songs:

  • Hold Me (6/2/84) #46 US, #44 UK, #5 RB, #6 AC
  • You Give Good Love (3/9/85) #3 US, #1 RB, #4 AC, sales: 0.5 m
  • Saving All My Love for You (6/29/85) #1 US, #1 UK, #1 RB, #1 AC, sales: 0.5 m
  • Thinking about You (10/19/85) #7a RB
  • How Will I Know (12/7/85) #1 US, #5 UK, #1 RB, #1 AC, sales: 0.5 m
  • Greatest Love of All (3/29/86) #1 US, #8 UK, #3 RB, #1 AC, sales: 0.5 m




Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston


“The legend of Whitney Houston began with this self-titled album. It marked her shift away from the experimental songs she did with the group Material and a move into heavily produced, very slick urban contemporary and adult pop. Although Houston had learned her craft working in New York nightclubs and singing in a Baptist church in Newark, she was steered into radio-friendly ballads that emphasized style over substance.” RW

“The album did yield an unprecedented string of number one hits, but Saving All My Love for You and How Will I Know created an impression of an incredibly talented vocalist using only a minimum of her skills. It also contained one of her few legitimate soul workouts in The Greatest Love of All.” RW

Review Source(s):

You Give Good Love (video)

Saving All My Love for You (video)

How Will I Know (video)

Greatest Love of All (video)

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