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Released: March 1957

Rating: 4.667 (average of 3 ratings)

Genre: early R&B/ rock and roll

Quotable: --

Album Tracks:

  1. Tutti Frutti
  2. True Fine Mama
  3. Can’t Believe You Wanna Leave
  4. Ready Teddy
  5. Baby
  6. Slippin’ and Slidin’
  7. Long Tall Sally
  8. Miss Ann
  9. Oh Why?
  10. Rip It Up
  11. Jenny, Jenny
  12. She’s Got It


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peak on U.S. Billboard album chart 13
peak on U.K. album chart 1

Singles/Hit Songs:

  • Tutti Frutti (11/26/55) #17 US, #29 UK, #2 RB
  • Long Tall Sally (4/7/56) #6 US, #3 UK, #1 RB
  • Slippin’ and Slidin’ (4/7/56) #33 US, #2 RB
  • Rip It Up (6/30/56) #17 US, #30 UK, #1 RB
  • Ready Teddy (6/30/56) #44 US, #8 RB
  • She’s Got It (10/27/56) #15 UK, #9 RB
  • Jenny Jenny (6/17/56) #10 US, #11 UK, #2 RB
  • Miss Ann (6/17/56) #56 US, #6 RB
  • True Fine Mama (6/9/58) #68 US


Rated one of the top 1000 albums of all time by Dave’s Music Database. Click to learn more. One of Time Magazine’s All-TIME 100 Albums.

Here’s Little Richard
Little Richard
“It doesn't get any more rock & roll than this” (Tyrangiel/ Light). This is “a consistent collection containing many of Little Richard's classic recordings” (Erlewine) marked by “glorious anarchy, let loose by a crack team of New Orleans musicians with the most distinctive, most outrageous voice of them all leading the charge. Just look at the songs he was banging out so rapid-fire: Long Tall Sally, Rip It Up, Slippin' and Slidin'” (Tyrangiel/ Light).

“Little Richard's debut album wasn't released until more than a year after he first broke through nationally” (Erlewine) with “the cataclysmic Tutti Frutti” (Tyrangiel/ Light) “in early 1956. By the time Specialty Records got around to introducing him to LP buyers, Little Richard had already scored six Top 40 pop hits” (Erlewine), four of which are here. On the R&B side, eight of these songs made the top ten. “Thus, Here's Little Richard was more of a compilation than just a debut album…It was also his highest charting and probably best-selling effort” (Ruhlmann).

Here's Little Richard is twenty-eight minutes of gleeful mayhem” (Tyrangiel/ Light). “From Paul McCartney to Prince to Axl Rose, the legacy of Little Richard has never waned, no matter how many insurance ads he does” (Tyrangiel/ Light).

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