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Released: Sept. 25, 1989

Rating: 3.975 (average of 10 ratings)

Genre: rock > neo-progressive

Quotable: --

Album Tracks:

  1. The King of Sunset Town [8:01]
  2. Easter [5:57]
  3. The Uninvited Guest [3:50]
  4. Seasons End [8:08]
  5. Holloway Girl [4:27]
  6. Berlin [7:43]
  7. After Me [3:19]
  8. Hooks in You [2:54]
  9. The Space… [6:14]

Lyrics by Steve Hogarth and John Helmer; music by Marillion (Hogarth/ Kelly/ Mosley/ Rothery/ Trewavas).

Sales (in millions):

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peak on U.S. Billboard album chart --
peak on U.K. album chart 7

Singles/Hit Songs:

Notes: A 1999 remaster includes a second disc with outtakes of "The Uninvited Guest," (also the 12" single version), "The King of Sunset Town," "Holloway Girl," "Seasons End," and "Berlin" as well as B-sides "The Bell in the Sea" (2 versions) and "The Release."


One of my personal top 100 albums of all time. Click to learn more.

Seasons End
“After Fish's departure, Marillion teetered on the brink of collapse: The frontman’s distinct voice and poetic prose made him the defining member of the band. One can only imagine how record executives held their collective breath as Steve Hogarth was brought in to take the reins. His first outing with band, 1989's Seasons End, removed all doubts about the band's future. Hogarth's unique, expressive voice fit Marillion perfectly” (Montesano). His “flexible range and beautiful phrasing shine on the entire album.” JM

Whether “on the full-throttle rock assault of The Uninvited Guest or the emotional After You, Hogarth's singularity is unmistakable.” JM

The “beautiful” JM and “heartfelt Easter with its imaginative electric-acoustic arrangement, is another showcase for Hogarth's talents.” JM The song “is the band's plea for peace in Ireland.” JM

Meanwhile, “The King of Sunset Town has its lyrical roots in the massacre at Tiananmen Square.” JM

“Marillion's ability to write music whose ideals live and breathe in the listener continues…on the inspiring Holloway Girl, which dissects the injustice of incarcerating mentally ill female inmates (at England's Holloway Prison) instead of placing them in appropriate psychiatric facilities.” JM

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