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Released: June 17, 1961

Rating: 3.650 (average of 8 ratings)

Genre: early rock and roll

Quotable: --

Album Tracks:

  1. Surrender (Pomus/Shuman) [1:54] *
  2. There's Always Me [2:18]
  3. Give Me the Right [2:34]
  4. It's a Sin [2:41]
  5. Sentimental Me [2:32]
  6. Starting Today [2:06]
  7. Gently [2:17]
  8. I'm Coming Home [2:22]
  9. In Your Arms [1:52]
  10. Put the Blame on Me [1:58]
  11. Judy [2:13]
  12. I Want You with Me [2:14]
  13. I Feel So Bad [2:55] *
  14. (Marie's the Name) His Latest Flame (Pomus/Shuman) [2:08] *
  15. Little Sister (Pomus/Shuman) [2:32] *
  16. Good Luck Charm (Gold/Schroeder) [2:25] *
  17. Anything That's Part of You (Robertson) [2:06] *
  18. I Slipped, I Stumbled, I Fell [1:33]
* bonus tracks added to CD reissue


sales in U.S. only ½ million
sales in U.K. only - estimated --
sales in all of Europe as determined by IFPI – click here to go to their site. --
sales worldwide - estimated ½ million


peak on U.S. Billboard album chart 1 3
peak on U.K. album chart 2

Singles/Hit Songs:

  • Surrender * (2/20/61) #1 US, #2 UK. Sales: 1 million
  • I Feel So Bad * (5/15/61) #5 US, #15 RB. Sales: ½ million
  • Marie’s the Name of His Latest Flame * (8/21/61) #4 US, #3 UK, #2 AC. Sales: ½ million
  • Little Sister * (9/21/61) #5 US
  • Good Luck Charm * (3/17/62) #1 US, #2 UK. Sales: 1 million
  • Anything That’s Part of You * (3/17/62) #31 US, #6 AC
  • There’s Always Me (8/26/67) #56 US
  • Judy (8/26/67) #78 US
* bonus track added to reissue

Notes: The 1999 CD reissue adds six bonus tracks (see track listing). All but “I Slipped, I Stumbled, I Fell,” which is on the Flaming Star/ Wild in the Country/ Follow That Dream EP compilation, are also available on the box set From Nashville to Memphis: The ‘60s Masters.

In 2006, the album was released again with a slew of alternate takes that pushed the track count to a whopping 57 songs.

Something for Everybody
Elvis Presley
“Elvis Presley’s third non-soundtrack, post-Army album is, in many ways, his most interesting from those years, though nowhere near his best. Something for Everybody offers a tamer body of songs than Elvis Is Back!, but also shows the effect of Presley’s maturation – his voice is better than ever, and this is reflected in the arrangements, most of which are closer in spirit to the finely crafted pop symphonies of Roy Orbison than they are to any of Presley’s earlier work. His ballad performances are impeccable, displaying a richness of intonation and delicacy of nuance that is downright seductive” (Eder).

“Rather less successful are the rockers, including I’m Coming Home, Judy, and Put the Blame on Me, which show a cooling of some of the white heat that Presley used to generate on the rhythm numbers. The one moment where the old Elvis Presley manifests himself is I Want You with Me, a shouter that’s only missing maybe a Gene Vincent-style scream or two from the backing band on the choruses” (Eder).

“The 1999 remastered edition of the album is augmented with six extra tracks that turn that version of Something for Everybody into a much harder rocking record, with rhythm numbers like I Feel So Bad, (Marie’s the Name) His Latest Flame, and Little Sister that generally are far more successful than those on the original LP. Even at 18 songs, the remastered version only runs 40 minutes, but the skimpy running time is dominated by a brace of beautifully sung ballads and the sound of Elvis as a maturing but still exciting rocker” (Eder).

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