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Released: October 9, 1987

Rating: 4.232 (average of 20 ratings)

Genre: heartland rock

Quotable: --

Album Tracks:

  1. Ain’t Got You [2:11]
  2. Tougher Than the Rest [4:35]
  3. All That Heaven Will Allow [2:39]
  4. Spare Parts [3:44]
  5. Cautious Man [3:58]
  6. Walk Like a Man [3:45]
  7. Tunnel of Love [5:12]
  8. Two Faces [3:03]
  9. Brilliant Disguise [4:17]
  10. One Step Up [4:22]
  11. When You’re Alone [3:24]
  12. Valentine’s Day [5:10]
All songs written by Bruce Springsteen.

Total Running Time: 45:51


sales in U.S. only 3 million
sales in U.K. only - estimated 300,000
sales in all of Europe as determined by IFPI – click here to go to their site. --
sales worldwide - estimated 8.5 million


peak on U.S. Billboard album chart 1 1
peak on U.K. album chart 1 1

Singles/Hit Songs:

  • Brilliant Disguise (10/3/87) #5 US, #20 UK, #5 AC, #1 AR
  • Tunnel of Love (10/17/87) #9 US, #45 UK, #13 AC, #9 AR
  • Spare Parts (10/17/87) #32 UK, #28 AR
  • One Step Up (12/12/87) #13 US, #3 AC, #2 AR
  • All That Heaven Will Allow (2/27/88) #5 AR
  • Tougher Than the Rest (6/18/88) #13 UK


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Tunnel of Love
Bruce Springsteen
“Just as he had followed his 1980 commercial breakthrough The River with the challenging Nebraska, Bruce Springsteen followed the most popular album of his career, Born in the U.S.A., with another low-key, anguished effort, Tunnel of Love. Especially in their sound, several of the songs, Cautious Man and Two Faces, for example, could have fit seamlessly onto Nebraska, though the arrangements overall were not as stripped-down and acoustic as on the earlier album. While Nebraska was filled with songs of economic desperation, however, Tunnel of Love, as its title suggested, was an album of romantic exploration. But the lovers were just as desperate in their way as Nebraska's small-time criminals. In song after song, Springsteen questioned the trust and honesty on both sides in a romantic relationship, specifically a married relationship. Since Springsteen sounded more autobiographical than ever before (Ain't Got You referred to his popular success, while Walk Like a Man seemed another explicit message to his father), it was hard not to wonder about the state of his own two-and-a-half-year marriage, and it wasn't surprising when that marriage collapsed the following year. Tunnel of Love was not the album that the ten million fans who had bought Born in the U.S.A. as of 1987 were waiting for, and though it topped the charts, sold three million copies, and spawned three Top 40 hits, much of this was on career momentum. Springsteen was as much at a crossroads with his audience as he seemed to be in his work and in his personal life, though this was not immediately apparent” (Ruhlmann).

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