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* Compilation *

Recorded: 1947-72

Released: August 28, 2001

Rating: 4.777 (average of 3 ratings)

Genre: blues

Quotable: “laying the groundwork for the rock & roll that followed” – Josh Tyrangiel/ Alan Light, Time Magazine

Album Tracks, Disc 1:

  1. Gypsy Woman
  2. I Can’t Be Satisfied
  3. I Feel Like Going Home
  4. Train Fare Home
  5. Mean Red Spider
  6. Standin’ Here Tremblin’
  7. You Gonna Need My Help
  8. Little Geneva
  9. Rollin’ and Tumblin’
  10. Rollin’ Stone
  11. Walkin’ Blues
  12. Louisiana Blues
  13. Long Distance Call
  14. Honey Bee
  15. Country Boy
  16. She Moves Me
  17. Still a Fool
  18. Stuff You Gotta Watch
  19. Who’s Gonna Be Your Sweet Man When I’m Gone
  20. Standing Around Crying
  21. Baby, Please Don’t Go
  22. I’m Your Hoochie Coochie Man
  23. I Just Want to Make Love to You
  24. I’m Ready
  25. Young Fashioned Ways
  26. I Want to Be Loved

Album Tracks, Disc 2:

  1. My Eyes Keep Me in Trouble
  2. Mannish Boy
  3. Sugar Sweet
  4. Trouble No More
  5. Forty Days and Forty Nights
  6. Just to Be with You
  7. Don’t Go No Farther
  8. Diamonds at Your Feet
  9. I Love the Life I Live (I Live the Life I Love)
  10. Got My Mojo Working
  11. Rock Me
  12. Look What You’ve Gone
  13. She’s Nineteen Years Old
  14. Close to You
  15. Walkin’ Thru the Park
  16. Take the Bitter with the Sweet
  17. I Feel So Good
  18. You Shook Me
  19. My Home Is in the Delta
  20. Good Morning, Little Schoolgirl
  21. The Same Thing
  22. You Can’t Lose What You Ain’t Never Had
  23. All Aboard
  24. Can’t Get No Grindin’


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Singles/ Hit Songs:

  • I Feel Like Going Home (9/18/48) #11 RB
  • Louisiana Blues (1/13/51) #10 RB
  • Long Distance Call (4/14/51) #8 RB
  • Honey Bee (7/14/51) #10 RB
  • Still a Fool (11/24/51) #9 RB
  • She Moves Me (2/23/52) #10 RB
  • I’m Your Hoochie Coochie Man (3/13/54) #3 RB
  • I Just Want to Make Love to You (6/5/54) #4 RB
  • I’m Ready (10/23/54) #4 RB
  • Mannish Boy (7/30/55) #5 RB, #51 UK
  • Trouble No More (12/24/55) #7 RB
  • Forty Days and Forty Nights (5/5/56) #7 RB
  • Don’t Go No Farther (9/8/56) #9 RB
  • Close to You (10/20/58) #9 RB


one of Time Magazine’s All-TIME 100 Albums.

Anthology 1947-1972
Muddy Waters
“Muddy Waters should need no introduction. Not only did he provide a name for the world’s greatest rock & roll band” (Johnson), but he “brought the blues from the Delta” (Tyrangiel/ Light). He “created the Chicago electric blues sound that’s dominated the genre since he first hit the windy city in the late 1940s” (Johnson).

“His massive, sonorous voice [was] backed by the finest bands in the genre” (Tyrangiel/ Light). Those bands “featured what would become a who’s who of electric blues: Little Walter, Jimmy Rogers, Otis Spann, James Cotton, Junior Wells, Buddy Guy, and the list goes on” (Johnson).

“His deceptively crafted lyrics sound like sermons from the mount” (Tyrangiel/ Light) and “expressed the lives and thoughts of the newly-urban black working class” (Tyrangiel/ Light).

The Anthology collects fifty songs from his classic era, most originally released on the Chess label (not that there aren’t other great Waters songs from before and after these years)” (Tyrangiel/ Light). “All his best-known songs are featured in their definitive versions, providing the perfect introduction to a blues master who doesn’t need one” (Johnson). “Mannish Boy, I Just Want to Make Love to You, (I’m Your) Hoochie Coochie Man – they’re all here, laying the groundwork for the rock & roll that followed” (Tyrangiel/ Light).

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