November 19, 1973



progressive rock


“Emerson Lake and Palmer’s masterpiece.” –

Album Tracks:

  1. Jerusalem [2:44]
  2. Toccata [7:22]
  3. Still…You Turn Me On [2:53]
  4. Benny the Bouncer [2:21]
  5. Karn Evil 9:
    - Karn Evil 9: 1st Impression, Pt.. 1 [8:37]
    - Karn Evil 9: 1st Impression, Pt. 2 [4:46]
    - Karn Evil 9: 2nd Impression [7:07]
    - Karn Evil 9: 3rd Impression [9:13]

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Singles/Hit Songs:

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A 1996 reissue added a piece about the making of the album. A 2007 reissue added alternate mixes of “Jerusalem” and “Karn Evil 9”. Yet another reissue in 2008 expanded the album to a three-disc package; the second disc was the album in surround sound and the third was a collection of alternate recordings, mixes, and bonus tracks.


Brain Salad Surgery

Emerson, Lake & Palmer


Brain Salad Surgery is Emerson Lake and Palmer’s masterpiece.” AZ It was the trio’s “most successful and…most ambitious as a group, as well as their loudest.” BE The group’s “fourth album (fifth if you include the live Pictures at an Exhibition)…boasted some of ELP’s most popular numbers: the ballad ‘Still... You Turn Me On’, the spellbinding ‘Jerusalem’ and the epochal ‘Karn Evil 9’.” AZ

Brain Salad Surgery was also the most steeped in electronic sounds of any of their records. The main focus, thanks to the three-part Karn Evil 9, is sci-fi rock, approached with a volume and vengeance that stretched the art rock audience’s tolerance to its outer limit, but also managed to appeal to the metal audience in ways that little of Trilogy did. Indeed, ‘Karn Evil 9’ is the piece and the place where Keith Emerson and his keyboards finally matched in both music and flamboyance the larger-than-life guitar sound of Jimi Hendrix.” BE

“This also marked the point in the group’s history in which they brought in their first outside creative hand, in the guise of ex-King Crimson lyricist Pete Sinfield. He’d been shopping around his first solo album and was invited onto the trio’s new Manticore label, and also asked in to this project as Lake’s abilities as a lyricist didn’t seem quite up to the 20-minute ‘Karn Evil 9’ epic that Emerson had created as an instrumental. Sinfield’s resulting lyrics for Karn Evil 9: First Impression and Karn Evil 9: Third Impression, while not up to the standard of his best Crimson work, were better than anything the group had to work with previously – he was also responsible for Emerson’s choice of title, persuading the keyboardist that the music he’d come up with was more evocative of a carnival and fantasy than the pure science fiction concept that Emerson had started with.” BE

“And Greg Lake pulled out all the stops with his heaviest singing voice in handling them, coming off a bit like Peter Gabriel in the process. And amid Carl Palmer’s prodigious drumming, it was all a showcase for Emerson, who employed more keyboards and more sounds here – including electronic voices – than had previously been heard on one of their records.” BE

“The songs (except for the light-hearted throwaway Benny the Bouncer) are also among their best work – the group’s arrangement of Sir Charles Hubert Parry’s setting of William Blake’s Jerusalem manages to be reverent yet rocking (a combination that got it banned by the BBC for potential ‘blasphemy’), while Emerson’s adaptation of Alberto Ginastera’s music in Tocatta outstrips even ‘The Barbarian’ and ‘Knife Edge’ from the first album as a distinctive and rewarding reinterpretation of a piece of serious music.” BE

“Lake’s Still...You Turn Me On, the album’s obligatory acoustic number, was his last great ballad with the group, possessing a melody and arrangement sufficiently pretty to forgive the presence of the rhyming triplet ‘everyday a little sadder/a little madder/someone get me a ladder.’” BE

“And the sound quality was stunning, and the whole album represented a high point that the trio would never again achieve, or even aspire to – after this, each member started to go his own way in terms of creativity and music.” BE

“Add to that a sleeve design that regularly tops artwork polls (and introduced the world to the work of HR Giger, years before his work on the Alien movie), pile on one of the most thought-provoking titles any album has carried, and Brain Salad Surgery remains one of the most effectively packaged, performed and produced records of all time.” AZ

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