August 23, 1969



proto punk rock


“Managed the difficult feat of sounding ahead of their time and entirely out of their time.” – Mark Deming, All Music Guide

Album Tracks:

  1. 1969
  2. I Wanna Be Your Dog
  3. We Will Fall
  4. No Fun
  5. Real Cool Time
  6. Ann
  7. Not Right
  8. Little Doll

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Singles/Hit Songs:

  • I Wanna Be Your Dog (10/69) --


The Stooges

The Stooges


“While the Stooges had a few obvious points of influence – the swagger of the early Rolling Stones, the horny pound of the Troggs, the fuzztone sneer of a thousand teenage garage bands, and the Velvet Underground’s experimental eagerness to leap into the void – they didn’t really sound like anyone else around when their first album hit the streets in 1969. It’s hard to say if Ron Asheton, Scott Asheton, Dave Alexander, and the man then known as Iggy Stooge were capable of making anything more sophisticated than this, but if they were, they weren’t letting on, and the best moments of this record document the blithering inarticulate fury of the post-adolescent id. Ron Asheton’s guitar runs (fortified with bracing use of fuzztone and wah-wah) are so brutal and concise they achieve a naďve genius, while Scott Asheton’s proto-Bo Diddley drums and Dave Alexander’s solid bass stomp these tunes into submission with a force that inspires awe. And Iggy’s vividly blank vocals fill the ‘so what?’ shrug of a thousand teenagers with a wealth of palpable arrogance and wondrous confusion.” MD

“One of the problems with being a trailblazing pioneer is making yourself understood to others, and while John Cale seemed sympathetic to what the band was doing, he didn’t appear to quite get it, and as a result he made a physically powerful band sound a bit sluggish on tape. But 1969, I Wanna Be Your Dog, Real Cool Time, No Fun, and other classic rippers are on board, and one listen reveals why they became clarion calls in the punk rock revolution. Part of the fun of The Stooges is, then as now, the band managed the difficult feat of sounding ahead of their time and entirely out of their time, all at once.” MD

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