Tired of conferences and workshops that don’t fit your needs? Bring the training to you instead! Toolbox Training offers workshops designed to meet the needs of school-age and early childhood care providers. All workshops are set up in a two-hour, interactive format that can be delivered at your own site!

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All Toolbox Training workshops are also available as training packages that let you conduct the workshop yourself. Click here for more information.

Workshop Titles by Category:

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Behavior management:
Discipline with Dignity I: Preventing Problems
Discipline with Dignity II: Solving Problems
Climate Control
Talking with Kids

Understanding children and adults in child care settings:
Meet Every Types’ Needs
Meet All Children's Intelligences
An E.A.R. for Self-Assessment
Understanding Child Development

Meeting parent and customer needs:
Connect with Families: The K.I.D.S. Method
Serve Your Customers

Planning with kids:
Child-Driven Lesson Planning
Creating and Using Effective Portfolios
Creating Games with Kids
Give Kids Control Without Losing Control

Activities to do with kids:
Make Every Art Activity a Success
Make Every Game a Success
Make Every Science Activity a Success
Transitions That Work

Approach of workshops:

Individual and small group activities, as well as whole group discussions, are a part of any Toolbox Training workshop. Workshops are also designed to meet the needs of visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners.

Toolbox Training workshop in progress.

Participants in a Toolbox Training workshop receive official certificates to verify training hours and get workbooks loaded with eye-catching graphics and text (see sample at left) which make note-taking a breeze.


A 2-hour workshop for 30 or fewer participants in the Kansas City metropolitan area runs $400.00. Additional expenses apply for more people, greater travel, and longer workshops. Contact Toolbox Training to schedule a workshop or find out more details.

Toolbox Training’s David Whitaker presents a workshop.

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