Whitaker is the author of more than a dozen fiction and non-fiction books. 2012 saw the arrival of his children’s novel, Otter and Arthur and the Sword in the Stone. Previously, he wrote a number of non-fiction books targeted toward adults working with children. He has compiled books on activity ideas including music, art, games, and science. He has also written about child development, staff training, transition activities, and multiple intelligences as well.

He has also written books within the music field, including a collection of his essays from his music blog and a book on the top songs of the rock era.

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[Otter and Arthur and the Sword in the Stone]

[The Top 100 Songs of the Rock Era, 1954-1999]

[No One Needs 21 Versions of “Purple Haze”…And Other Essays from a Musical Obesessive]

[After-School Transitions: The Ready, Set, Go! Guide to Strategies That Work]

[Multiple Intelligences & After-School Environments: Keeping All Children in Mind]

[Games, Games, Games: Creating Hundreds of Group Games & Sports]

[100 Art Activities for Kids]

[100 Cooking Activities for Kids]

[100 Drama Activities for Kids]

[100 Game Activities for Kids]

[100 Music Activities for Kids]

[100 Science Activities for Kids]

[Ages & Stages: Understanding Child Development]

[Jazz Up Staff Training & Meetings]

[Kids Do the Darndest Things…And Then Dad Posts It on Facebook]

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