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Dave’s Music Database, or The DMDb for short, is devoted to the collection, consolidation, and promotion of music-related best-of lists. This is the place for anyone who loves rating, ranking, reviewing, ranting, and reading about favorite albums, songs, acts, videos, and other things music-related. Any and all are welcome (although I’ll confess particular fondness towards classic rock and ‘80s music).

A little history: the DMDB originated as the 20th century became the 21st and lists-a-plenty emerged from seemingly every publication known to man. I scooped them all up and pooled them together to create definitive lists that weeded out the idiosyncrasies of individual, more subjective lists. In doing so, more genres and more eras of music are represented in the average DMDB list than most lists you’ll find. By also adding in other stats, like sales figures and chart data, the commercial element of music is integrated as well.

Of course, that all means that you are more likely to find your favorites – and more apt to stumble across list-makers which make your stomach churn. That’s all fine – everyone has different tastes when it comes to music. My goal isn’t to completely satisfy any one person’s musical palette, but to try to add everyone’s color into the mix.

Well, enough explanation. Time to dive in! Choose a link above or below, use the search engine below, head over to the DMDB blog, or check out the DMDB on Facebook. Enjoy!

- Dave Whitaker
creator of Dave’s Music Database and overall list aficionado and music obsessive

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